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Feb 12 2020

Decoration & Style

Your home talks a lot about you and reveals things that maybe you don’t know yet about yourself. Decoration & Style is intimately related to your state of mind and the deepest part of you. This means that, somewhere in the future, things may be different accordingly to the new yourself. Shopping Malls have decorated home samples to give us ideas and guide us during this journey. Magazines give us precious tips to makes it real; however, the final decision is yours and it is going to be the way you wish.

Not necessarily you must be rich to decorate your home and make it cozy and nice because nowadays a sum of stores offer less expensive items and possibilities to improve your space and help you to express yourself. Even “dollars stores” have some decorating options, you only need an open mind and an idea of what kind of Decoration & Style you want.

Attention to Details

Small details like vases, bud vases, canvas, candles, frames, cushions, small plants, Japanese trees(bonsais), all of these are options that you can play with, including, using different colors, shapes, and sizes. For example, a bud vase, you can play using a solid color vase in case you prefer a white rose. A red rose, for example, opt for a neutral color. Remember all the elements, the flower has a stem and leaves and it is green. Attention to flowers decoration, you must be aware of what can cut their lifespan and how to keep it in shape for a longer time, but we are going to talk about it more thoroughly in a posterior post.

Another important thing to keep in mind is the contrast. Contrast defines and adds value to different items and objects. Consider using opposite colors if you dare, and the result could be satisfactory. However, if you are not an alive color kind of person, you can play with the shades, though. The results surely would be adequate as well. Nothing is prohibited, everything is allowed.

Experiencing Colors

According to specialists, colors can make people experience sensations such as sadness, happiness, tranquility, loneliness, and so on. If you do not like alive colors, opt for different nuances, or even shades of grey can be interesting, depending on the light getting in, though.

Gather examples from your friends, pay attention to your closest friends and ask for some help. That would be precious tips, mainly from friends you already know their places and you are sure you like the way it is.

Colors, shapes, designs, taste, all of these are made to please our necessities and desires, and nothing of this is forever. Unfortunately, or fortunately, opinions and point of view may change at any time and we are going to be able to externalize it in form of art. This is decoration & style. Pure art, coming from the inside and pleasing you, your family, and guests. From Rustic to Hi-Tech, passing through the conservative and contemporary, a bunch of options are available to conquer any watchful eye through your private gallery, your home.

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